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Pro Series
Doubles Knockout
Saturday February 7, 2015
Leda Lanes - Nashua, NH

Congratulations to Brian Fuller Jr and Mark Ricci for winning the Doubles Knockout at Leda Lanes on February 7th!  They qualified 7th overall with a score of 1222, as Brian hit 617 and Mark hit 605.  In the knockout round Brian and Mark had a fantastic run on their way to defeating the number 1 seed in the final match.  In round 1, they beat Peter Pereira and Nick Norcross 247-211; in round 2 they defeated John Blais and Tina Ward 273-247; in round 3 they defeated Skip Easterbrooks and Brian Feist 273-251; and in the finals they defeated Chris Sargent and Shawn Morrison 294-274!   Brian had knockout strings of 122-168-136-150 for a total of 576 and 144 average.  Mark had knockout strings of 125-105-137-144 for a total of 511 and 127 average.

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you at the 10-Stringer in March!
Pro Series
Saturday March 7, 2015
Lakeside Lanes - Manchester, NH
The next event is the 10-stringer to be held at Lakeside Lanes in Manchester, NH.  Shift times for this tournament are 12PM and 4PM.  All members and non-members alike are welcome to bowl and compete to become the next Pro Series Champion.

Sign up with Dave Barber by e-mailing:, or calling 781-439-3411.

Check out our tournament schedule and download a membership application on our Schedule of Events page.  If you plan on being a member this year you can do so at any point during the season, but remember you won't accumulate points for the playoffs if you haven't paid your dues.  The playoffs will remain the same as last year with the top 24 in the standings at the end of the year will be guaranteed to make the playoffs, and 25-40, 26-39, etc... will bowl two strings head-to-head to qualify.

Key changes this year:

1 - Membership fees will increase to $75
2 - If you refer two new members you will receive free membership for the year!  New members are those who weren't members in 2013-2014.
3 - Tournament fees will increase to $75, with the exceptions being the 10-Stringer ($100) and Kids/Pro ($40)
4 - In an effort to improve payouts and hopefully increase participation, we will be paying based on 1 out of every 4 entries this year.